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Augusta, GA 30914

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To Contact Us Please send e-mail to Larry Longo Post 63 Adjutant.


American Legion Post 63

United States of America Never Forgotten

Pramble to the Constitution of The American Legion

NOTE: Send all corespondence to Larry Longo Adjutant Post 63.....
American Legion Post 63
FIRST OF ALL -- I would like to Welcome you to the web site of the American Legion Post 63. Located in beautiful Augusta GA. Home of the MASTERS golf tournament. We are located on the shores of Lake Olmstead. Next to the National Guard Armory on Milledge Rd.. .

American Legion Post 63
P.O. Box 3186
Augusta, GA 30914
Phone 706-733-9387

This Post is dedicated to assisting our fellow Veterans of all of our great wars. We welcome new members and cherrish the members we have.....

Georgia HeadQuarters:

Post Officers

2004/2005 Legion Year

Officers Name
Commander Bob Cockrell
Sr. Vice Commander Edwin Harley
Adjutant Larry Longo
Jr. Vice Commander William Shirley
Jr. Vice Commander Charles Waldrup
Chaplain John Hill
Finance Officer Thomas Drenkhahn
Judge Advocate Bob Simmons
Sergeant at Arms John Bodie
Publicity Officer Robert Stone
Sergeant at Arms Ray Wehn
Bar Who We Are Bar Our History Bar Our Emblem Bar Our Flag

Executive Board

2004/2005 Legion Year

Board Member Name
Executive Board Beau Mimms
Executive Board John Durst
Executive Board Jack Hixon
Executive Board Joe Mealing
Executive Board Harry Rowland
Executive Board Bill Smith
Executive Board Beau Mims

SAL Officers

2004/2005 Legion Year

Officers Name
Commander John Durst
Vice Commander Buddy Robinson
Vice Commander Carl Gaskill
Adjutant Larry Longo
Finance Officer William Ford
Historian Tim Nunn
Sergeant at Arms Victor Hallman
Join Us!!!!
Come join the Largest Veterans Organization in the World and be a part of a growing tradition. Show your patriotism by supporting your Veterans-------------

Thanks for "Still Serving America!!"

House Committee

2004/2005 Legion Year

House Committee Name
Chairman Vacant
House Committee Member Bill Frey
Committee Member Willy Keel
Committee Member Wink Fuchs
Committee Member John Bodie
Officers Pictures-:

Thanks for Still Serving America......

Commanders Corner-:
Waiting on reply

Commander Bob Cockrell......

Adjutant: Larry Longo- :
As I continue to speak for the Good of The Legion, my thoughts and prayers are always with the families of the “missing in action” and the many disabled Åmerican Veterans that gave so much for our country. I trust in GOD that their well-being will be forever be a reality, they ensured our freedom and independence. Please mail in your 2004-2005 membership renewals as soon as possible after you receive the applications in a couple of months, this will save me time and I’ll be able to mail them out in a reasonable time frame.

Adjutant Larry Longo Post 63 ......

SAL Commander- :
We actually did it!!!! Squadron 63 has exceeded the 100% membership goal set by the Department. Wow, what an accomplishment!!

SAL Commander John Durst, Post 63 ......

Our Club:
What can I say? I mean --- we have the greatest facilities and the greatest people--- Come share in the comradeship!!!!!! Our pool tournaments are the greatest around. Thanks Slim X and Cathy for you great support to this effort......
Bingo is at 1:30 PM on Saturdays and 7:00 PM on Tuesdays, we provide a 500 dollar jackpot. Pool Tournaments are held in the “Little Bar” every Saturday at 4:00 PM and Thursdays at 7:00 PM. Stop by Saturday’s we open around 10:00 AM, and talk about our military experiences and a multitude of other issues mixed with sodas, beer and sometimes a shot or two!! We solve lots of problems!!!!

Club Manager---
News For March - 2004:
To all of you, I thank you for the opportunity to continue serving my home Post 63 as the Publicity officer apointed by our Commander Bob Cockrell. I do not believe it would have been possible with out the big push from Larry Longo. I do hope to enhance our membership and communications with each other through out the world, not just our nice neat little corner on the Lake.

I am leaving April 1st for China and will not return until May 1st. May all of you have a wonderful good Friday, a great Easter, and May Spring bring the sun out in all ways. I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as I get back and get over the Jet Lag.

Publicity Officer Robert D. Stone Post 63 -- Lake Olmstead, Augusta Georgia......

Be - a - Legionnaire!
You should join this brother hood of veterans and share in the joy's of assisting other veterans and sharing your story's and experiences with us --- We look forward to seeing you..

....................Post 63....

Patriotic Statement of the Month:
I showed up and dug with my hands through the pile. A shovel didn’t work. It was total misery. Three thousand people were in there and we couldn’t find anyone. Were did everybody go?? Marine Corporal Peter T. Regan, at ground zero, the World Trade Center.

My life as a military veteran was OK, at least I thought it was, we had to hold our spirits high even though the sweat and tears of Vietnam were upon us. Our families were far away but our thoughts were always with them and our country. I guess our dreams of glory were somewhat shattered upon arrival back in the States to what appeared to be an ungrateful public. But that was then and this is now, America is the greatest, what other country had or has that “right” to demonstrate against the military, freedom, that’s what it’s all about!! Robert H. Jackson, Los Angeles, California.

Post 63......

Fallen or Wounded Comrades:

Hospital Call:

Post 63......

Links Spot:
Various links:

Soon we will post links to some of our favorite places and great information links here.:

This is the link for the ROBERTS RULES of ORDER that all American Legion's adhere too during their meetings.

Voice your opinion to your Congress

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Every 3rd Monday
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Post 63!
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Every 3rd Monday
August 16th !
Post 63!
Take me to Post 63! Committee Meetings Held At 6:00
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Post 63!

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